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Peer-reviewed papers
Doherty, J.-F., Ames, T., Brewster, L.I., Chiang, J., Cyr, E., Kelsey, C.R., Lee, J.P., Liu, B., Lo, I.H.Y., Nirwal, G.K., Mohammed, Y.G., Phelan, O., Seyfourian, P., Shannon, D.M., Tochor, N.K., and Matthews, B.J. 2024. An update and review of arthropod vector sensory systems: potential targets for behavioural manipulation by parasites and other disease agents. Advances in Parasitology 124, 57-89. [PDF]

Doherty, J.-F., Bhattarai, U.R., Ferreira, S., Poulin, R., Gemmell, N.J., and Dowle, E.J. 2023. The proof is in the poo: non-invasive method to detect endoparasitic infection. Molecular Ecology Resources 23(5), 990-1001. [PDF]

Hasik, A.Z., de Angeli Dutra, D., Doherty, J.-F., Duffy, M.A., Poulin, R., and Siepielski, A.M. 2023. Resetting our expectations for parasites and their effects on species interactions: a meta-analysis. Ecology Letters 26(1), 184-199. [PDF]

Doherty, J.-F.
, Filion, A., and Poulin, R. 2022. Infection patterns and new definitive host records for New Zealand gordiid hairworms (phylum Nematomorpha). Parasitology International 90, 102598. [PDF]

Doherty, J.-F.
and Matthews, B.J. 2022. Host manipulation, gene editing, and non-traditional model organisms: a new frontier for behavioral research? Frontiers in Insect Science 2, 938644. [PDF]

Ni, S. and
Doherty, J.-F. 2022. Species-specific tidal locomotion linked to a parasitic infection in sympatric sea snails. Marine Biology 169(7), 88. [PDF]

Filion, A.,
Doherty, J.-F., Poulin, R., and Godfrey, S.S. 2022. Building a comprehensive phylogenetic framework in disease ecology. Trends in Parasitology 38(6), 424-427. [PDF]

Doherty, J.-F.
and Poulin, R. 2022. Come with me if you want to live: sympatric parasites follow different transmission routes through aquatic host communities. International Journal for Parasitology 52(5), 293-303. [PDF]

Doherty, J.-F.
, Milotic, M., Filion, A., and Eriksson, A. 2022. Host specificity and the reproductive strategies of parasites. Parasitology 149(4), 534-541. [PDF]

Doherty, J.-F.
and Poulin, R. 2022. The return to land: association between hairworm infection and aquatic insect development. Parasitology Research 121(2), 667-673. [PDF]

Doherty, J.-F.
, Chai, X., Cope, L.E., de Angeli Dutra, D., Milotic, M., Ni, S., Park, E., and Filion, A. 2021. The rise of big data in disease ecology. Trends in Parasitology 37(12), 1034-1037. [PDF]

Ni, S.,
Doherty, J.-F., and Poulin, R. 2021. Convergent patterns of body size variation in distinct parasite taxa with convergent life cycles. Global Ecology and Biogeography 30(12), 2382-2392. [PDF]

Doherty, J.-F.
, Filion, A., Bennett, J., Bhattarai, U.R., Chai, X., de Angeli Dutra, D., Donlon, E., Jorge, F., Milotic, M., Park, E., Sabadel, A.J.M., Thomas, L.J., and Poulin, R. 2021. The people vs science: can passively crowdsourced internet data shed light on host-parasite interactions? Parasitology 148(11), 1313-1319. [PDF]

Bhattarai, U.R.,
Doherty, J.-F., Dowle, E., and Gemmell, N.J. 2021. The adaptiveness of host behavioural manipulation assessed using Tinbergen’s four questions. Trends in Parasitology 37(7), 597-609. [PDF]

Poulin, R., Bennett, J., Filion, A., Bhattarai, U.R., Chai, X., de Angeli Dutra, D., Donlon, E.,
Doherty, J.-F., Jorge, F., Milotic, M., Park, E., Sabadel, A., and Thomas, L.J. 2021. iParasitology: mining the internet to test parasitological hypotheses. Trends in Parasitology 37(4), 267-272. [PDF]

Doherty, J.-F.
2020. When fiction becomes fact: exaggerating host manipulation by parasites. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 287(1936), 20201081. [PDF]

Doherty, J.-F.
and Ruehle, B. 2020. An integrated landscape of fear and disgust: the evolution of avoidance behaviors amidst a myriad of natural enemies. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8, 564343. [PDF]

Milotic, M., Lymbery, A., Thompson, A.,
Doherty, J.-F., and Godfrey, S. 2020. Parasites are endangered by the conservation of their hosts: meta-analyses of the effect of host captivity on the odds of parasite infection. Biological Conservation 248, 108702. [PDF]

Poulin, R., Bennett, J., de Angeli Dutra, D.,
Doherty, J.-F., Filion, A., Park, E., and Ruehle, B. 2020. Evolutionary signature of ancient parasite pressures, or the ghost of parasitism past. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8, 195. [PDF]

Eriksson, A.,
Doherty, J.-F., Fischer, E., Graciolli, G., and Poulin, R. 2020. Hosts and environment overshadow spatial distance as drivers of bat fly species composition in the Neotropics. Journal of Biogeography 47(3), 736-747. [PDF]

Herbison, R., Evans, S.,
Doherty, J.-F., Algie, M., Kleffmann, T., and Poulin, R. 2019. A molecular war: convergent and ontogenetic evidence for adaptive host manipulation in related parasites infecting divergent hosts. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 286(1915), 20191827. [PDF]

Doherty, J.-F.
, Chai, X., and Poulin, R. 2019. Varying levels of melanotic encapsulation of gordiid hairworm cysts (Nematomorpha) by aquatic insect larvae: seasonal and host effects. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 168, 107258. [PDF]

Herbison, R.E.H., Evans, S.,
Doherty, J.-F., and Poulin, R. 2019. Let’s go swimming: mermithid-infected earwigs exhibit positive hydrotaxis. Parasitology 146(13), 1631-1635. [PDF]

Selbach, C., Jorge, F., Dowle, E., Bennett, J., Chai, X.,
Doherty, J.-F., Eriksson, A., Filion, A., Hay, E., Herbison, R., Lindner, J., Park, E., Presswell, B., Ruehle, B., Sobrinho, P.M., Wainwright, E., and Poulin, R. 2019. Parasitological research in the molecular age. Parasitology 146(11), 1361-1370. [PDF]

Guay, J.-F., Bernier-Desmarais, A.,
Doherty, J.-F., and Cloutier, C. 2018. Bionomics of the pine needle scale (Hemiptera: Diaspididae), an emerging pest in Christmas tree (Pinaceae) plantations in southern Québec, Canada. The Canadian Entomologist 150(5), 632-636. [PDF]

Doherty, J.-F.
, Guay, J.-F., and Cloutier, C. 2018. Embryonic stage of obligatory diapause and effects of abiotic conditions on egg hatching in the balsam twig aphid, Mindarus abietinus. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 166(8), 628-637. [PDF]

Doherty, J.-F.
, Guay, J.-F., and Cloutier, C. 2018. Novel temperature-dependent development rate models for postdiapause egg eclosion of three important arthropod pests found in commercial Christmas tree plantations of southern Québec, Canada. Environmental Entomology 47(3), 715-724. [PDF]

Doherty, J.-F.
, Guay, J.-F., and Cloutier, C. 2018. Early springtime water absorption by overwintering eggs of Mindarus abietinus (Hemiptera: Aphididae): possible implications for cold hardiness and diapause termination. The Canadian Entomologist 150(2), 174-179. [PDF]

Doherty, J.-F.
, Guay, J.-F., and Cloutier, C. 2017. Temperature-manipulated dynamics and phenology of Mindarus abietinus (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in commercial Christmas tree plantations in Québec, Canada. The Canadian Entomologist 149(6), 801-812. [PDF]

PhD thesis

Doherty, J.-F. 2021. Elucidating the hidden infection dynamics between hairworms and their aquatic and terrestrial hosts. Department of Zoology, University of Otago. [PDF]

MSc thesis

Doherty, J.-F. 2017. Phénologie et modèles prévisionnels d’éclosion printanière pour trois arthropodes ravageurs en plantation commerciale d’arbres de Noël dans un contexte de changements climatiques. Département de biologie, Université Laval. [PDF]

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